Group therapy session at a dual diagnosis treatment center for addiction

What Can a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center for Addiction Do for You?

Substance abuse disorders can be difficult, and sometimes they’re paired with an underlying cause. Digging to find the root cause of your addiction can bring you many benefits, including sobriety. Here’s a guide on how a dual diagnosis treatment center for addiction can help improve the quality of your life and have the best success in treatment.

What Does a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center do?

A dual diagnosis treatment center is a mental health center where you can be treated for your addiction and co-occurring mental health disorder. Some people may suffer from alcohol addiction and depressive disorder, or bipolar disorder. Others may be addicted to drugs and have anxiety. Treatment for addiction and mental health disorders is critical for a higher quality of life.

This integrative treatment method allows people trying to recover from addiction to get help with sobriety while also finding the root cause of their addiction. Many people who suffer from addiction often have a mental health condition that doesn’t help with the person’s addiction. And going to a dual treatment center can help them through a recovery process while learning healthy coping mechanisms for their mental health disorder.

What Are the Benefits of a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center?

Many people with addictions also have a mental illness, even if they don’t realize it. You may need treatment for both conditions, so going to a dual diagnosis treatment center can give you that. There are many benefits of going through this integrative treatment style, but some main ones include:

  • Integrated treatment for addiction and mental health
  • Diagnosing and treating the underlying causes of addiction
  • Medical and mental health professionals trained in dual diagnosis
  • Safety from physical and mental harm during medical detox
  • Help to prepare for life after leaving the dual diagnosis center
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