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What Can You do to Fight Alcohol Cravings?

Alcohol cravings can be intense and difficult to push through. You may be used to giving in when an alcohol craving kicks in because of how strong the urge can be. However, if you want to quit alcohol, you have to find ways to fight those urges.

It helps to plan and know what to do when cravings happen. Although you may be a recovered alcoholic, there are still moments where the urge kicks in to have a drink, and you don’t want to relapse. Here are tactics to help fight the urge and prevent alcohol relapse.

How to Fight Alcohol Cravings

Struggling with alcohol cravings is quite common for people trying to quit or cut back on drinking alcohol. It doesn’t mean that you’re weak or uncommitted to your sobriety. It’s understandable why you’re experiencing cravings since addiction affects you physically and mentally.

This makes it crucial for you to learn how to fight the urges. Some tactics that you can try include:

  • Talk to someone about how you’re struggling to receive support
  • Know your triggers and avoid them when possible
  • Distract yourself by engaging in other activities
  • Picture what the consequences of relapse would be
  • Eating healthy as nutritional deficiencies can lead to cravings
  • Consider if you’re HALT (hungry, angry, lonely, or tired)

How to Prevent a Relapse

Preventing alcohol relapse requires a long-term strategy that goes beyond stopping the cravings. The tactics above can fit into your overall strategy, and thinking about your reasons for quitting alcohol and its benefits can be a great way to gain motivation to continue. Some things you can add to your strategy include:

  • Learn skills that help you stay sober
  • Stay aware of your challenge, your condition, your health, and your feelings
  • Practice self-care
  • Join a support group
  • Have a contact list of people you can call if you need support
  • Plan to get professional help if you find yourself unable to overcome your alcohol problems on your own
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