Person working on a laptop creating Google advertising for a mental health practice

What Do You Need to Know About Google Ads for Mental Health?

Google advertising can be one of the best ROIs. It’s often very high and more immediate than other “slow-burn” types of marketing. 

If you’re ready to step up the marketing of your mental health clinic, using this tool may be the best option for you. Here’s a brief explanation of how to do Google advertising for your mental health practice to get effective results. 

What Does Google Advertising Look Like for Mental Health?

Google Ads works in two different ways. The first is Google AdWords, allowing people to find your clinic at the top of search results. If you’ve ever searched up something and saw the word Ad next to the listing, that’s an example of AdWords. They are compiled of three main components, including: 

  • A headline
  • A URL
  • A description

The second type of Google Ad is the Google Display Network. When you’re scrolling on websites, and there are advertisements on the page, they’re typically from Google Display Network. You can look at BuzzFeed’s home page to get an idea of the type of advertising this is. 

How Does Google Advertising Work?

Google Ads can be easily done. However, making effective ads can be challenging. If you’re spending too much on Google Ads and getting little in return, there are some things you can do that consist of: 

  • Increase Ad Spend: You should be spending at least $300 per month on mental health services you want to advertise. 
  • Advertise in a Niche: Get specific with your audience and services with a niche with a lot of room to compete in. 
  • Put Out Relevant Content: Make sure your ads and landing pages match the keyword you’re targeting. 

Understanding Google Ads can be challenging, but there are basic elements that you can learn to see an ROI. However, learning more about how it works and other methods can benefit your mental health clinic. 

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