Woman works on a mental health logo design at desk

What Does a Good Mental Health Logo Look Like?

Your logo is one of the most important factors when trying to get new clients. It represents who you are and is one of the first impressions of your brand. 

But what does a good mental health logo look like? What elements should you consider when creating your logo? Here’s a guide on factors to consider when creating your mental health logo. 

What Elements Are Included in a Mental Health Logo?

Creating a logo that represents your brand and gives the right first impression is difficult. It can be overwhelming knowing which elements to target. 

Your logo will tell your potential clients what they should know about you. The logo needs to be aligned with your brand colors, so there is consistency. Colors have emotional connotations, so you should research what colors give off the feeling you are trying to portray. 

When creating your mental health logo, some elements to keep in mind should include the following. 

Consider Your Target Audience

Knowing your target audience can make it easier to pick colors and fonts that align with what you want people to feel when looking at your brand. 

Make It Versatile

Your logo should look just as great on your website as it does on advertisements and anywhere else that you put it. 

Experiment With Fonts

Fonts can drastically change the way people portray your practice. Make sure it aligns with the vibe you want to give off. 

Keep It Simple

Go for something easily recognizable and clean to avoid busy designs with too many shapes and colors that could turn people away. 

Get Creative

Don’t feel like you have to do similar logos to your competitors. You should be creative with it, so it reflects who you are and the uniqueness of your brand. 

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