Therapist giving geriatric therapy

Why Therapists Should Provide Geriatric Therapy

Many therapists target treating younger people. However, older adults have mental health conditions that may have never been dealt with and may have started recently. The older generations were fed a negative stigma about therapy and may not be as inclined to seek help, but it’s just as important.

As people age, they may experience more traumatic events that lead to other mental health problems. Therapists who provide care can help many that are struggling silently. Here’s why therapists should provide geriatric therapy and the benefits of offering this care.

Why Should Therapists Provide Geriatric Therapy?

There is a large demand for mental health care that therapists are trying to meet. And geriatric care is one of those areas. Many seniors have experienced some traumatic event that they may not have emotionally dealt with yet. Or they may be facing new mental challenges with a decline in their physical health.

There are many reasons why providing geriatric therapy would be beneficial. Providing care would help seniors by:

  • Preventing suicide: Many seniors struggle with their mental health and the decline of their physical health, which can, unfortunately, lead to a high suicide rate.
  • Helping with anxiety: Some seniors have anxiety disorders associated with a fear of falling, being left alone, fear of death, complicated grief, and more.
  • Dealing with PTSD: Some seniors have PTSD that they’re unaware of and may be caused by the death of loved ones, close-death experiences, or veteran service.
  • Coping with grief: Grief can be difficult for anyone, and as people age, they begin to lose more of their friends and family which can result in complicated grief.
  • Changing their mindset: Getting older can often mean that someone is declining in their physical health, which can be difficult to cope with, and therapy can help change their frame of mind.

Providing care would help ensure seniors have the mental health care they need. They may have one or several mental health conditions that are difficult to deal with. Therapists offering geriatric therapy can help them receive care and teach them how to deal with their challenges.

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