Turnagain Social Club Caregiver with patient

Why Turnagain Social Club Caregivers Love What They Do

Turnagain Social Club allows older adults to connect with others and get new experiences. They help people with Alzheimer’s by giving them care and support during this difficult time. 

Their staff has several trained and supportive caregivers who stay focused on a positive approach to welcome everyone and create a great atmosphere. Although the activities are a significant factor, the staff are the true highlight. Here is why their caregivers love what they do and how that’s shown at the facility. 

Turnagain Social Club

Turnagain Social Club is an adult day center that provides therapeutic activities, personal care, supervision, nursing, transportation, and meals for disabled and seniors 55 and older. 

They specialize in helping people with Alzheimer’s and dementia. The staff will engage them and provide stimulation and entertainment. Registered nurses, a dietician, and over 30 caregivers provide critical attention to those who join their community. 

Why Their Caregivers Are Different

The staff’s approach to caregiving is what sets them apart. They will go above and beyond for their members. This includes providing transportation to those who may not be able to go to and from the facility or providing nutritious meals. 

They also incorporate different methods of care for their members. 

Brain-Change Model

Dementia isn’t a normal aging process; it’s a disease. Turnagain Social Club’s caregivers use The Brain Change Model to categorize the progressive stages of dementia. They use gem names because it reflects the amount of love, thoughts, and laughter the members and caregivers provide. 

Approach It Positively

The main focus for their staff is to look at everything positively. Many people look at people with dementia as someone who isn’t who they were. At Turnagain, the caregivers support the person that is still there and focus on leaving the negative behind. 

Why The Caregivers Love Working At Turnagain

When people are passionate and care about their work, everything is more meaningful. The caregivers at Turnagain love what they do because they can get to know the members and be there in any needed way. 

They love their job because of the members they’re surrounded by. The caregivers can participate in activities and provide care for everyone in their community. 

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