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Why You Should Look For CFO Services And Financial Planning Assistance

Managing small agencies can sometimes be challenging. You may need financial and organizational guidance as you aim to grow your business and potentially sell it. 

A financial advisor can help you with financial strategy and result in a greater successful sale transaction. Here is why you should look for CFO services and financial planning assistance. 

Analyze Your Financials

Financial planning assists you as you prepare for a sale transaction. The process of selling your business can be extensive and sometimes last anywhere from 12 months to seven years. Getting financial advice from an M&A professional can help you meaningfully analyze your financial and operational efficiencies. 

Prepare For Growth

One of the best ways to sell your company is getting it ready for more growth. You should be selling your agency when your business is doing well and can grow more. 

To prepare for growth, you should have monthly meetings with your advisor to understand your business and how to reach new financial goals. Regular meetings will help you stay on track with your goal. 

Evaluating Your Operation

M&A advisors can do more than help you financially plan your business for selling. They can also offer advice for hiring people and the best ways to operate. 

You may want to consider hiring more people as your business grows. Advisors can help you choose the right people to take your business to the next level and prove to buyers that your company has an excellent senior management team. 

Your financial advisors can also analyze how your operations affect the finances of your business by looking at the following: 

  • Revenue/ salary ratio
  • Profit margin
  • Revenue growth overtime

Monthly Reports

Working with an advisor will help get detailed monthly reports. These will help you analyze the progress of your business and what you can do to increase your revenue growth, decrease revenue concentration, and examine your YTD financials. 

You can also get detailed reports of: 

  • Profit and loss statement
  • Comparisons with other agencies
  • Balance sheet
  • Cash forecast
  • Client concentration
  • Utilization reporting
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