Two women looking online at prices; why you should list your prices

Why You Should Put Pricing on Your Website

Are you wondering if you should put your pricing on your website? Are you scared that it would turn people away?

Well, there are more benefits to putting pricing on your website than you may think. Here’s a rundown of why you should list your prices and how to do so.

Why is Listing Your Prices Beneficial?

Listing the prices of your service or product on your website may seem like a bad idea. However, this can help you find the ideal client. You can’t overshare the information about your prices.

People looking for services or products online want a straight answer on how much it costs. And explaining why you have your prices at a certain point can help them become more invested in your business.

Some main reasons to list your prices include:

  • Weeding out bad leads
  • Gaining customer trust from the start
  • Providing an answer on price for people already looking

This is just the base of why listing your prices is the right move. But there are some beneficial points, including:

  • Build trust
  • Have unaffordability beliefs
  • Save time
  • Set your branding
  • Create incentive
  • Provide information

How to List Your Prices

So, how do you list the prices on your website to convert customers? Depending on your product or service, there are a few ways to list them differently, especially if your product is unique.

The three ways to list your prices effectively include:

  • Service pages with in-depth information
  • Educational information explaining your niche service
  • Blog explaining why you’re different

You can choose the best method for your business or use them all. This is a great way to distinguish why you’re different and why someone should invest in your business. Companies can also discuss the best option with their marketing agency to see what will be more effective.

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